How does Estella feel about her visiting London in Chapter 33 of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?Mrs. Havisham sent Estella to London because she is to live with a woman in Richmond who...

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Estella's visit to London marks one of the first instances in which readers see Estella's resentment toward Miss Havisham.  Though Estella is relatively friendly to Pip, she continues to caution him against loving her.  We understand, based on Estella's words, the extent to which she has been affected by Miss Havisham's upbringing.  In fact, Estella refers to Miss Havisham as an "impostor of a woman"  who is responsible for Estella's lack of ability to feel for others.  When Pip remarks that Miss Havisham might miss Estella while she is in London, Estella replies "with a sigh, as if she were tired" (286).  This suggests that Estella is beginning to realize the error in Miss Havisham's ways, though Estella knows that as a result of her upbringing, she is missing the capacity to love that others feel. The fact that Miss Havisham has sent her to London to live with "a lady of some station" is just another one of Miss Havisham's attempts to make Estella desirable to men in order to break their hearts. 

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