How does the author in to Kill a Mockingbird reveal the fact that the women in Maycomb(the women in the missionary circle)are hypocrites? chapter 24 of to Kill a Mockingbird

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The hypocrisy of these women is revealed through their conversations during the meeting of their Missionary Circle. They profess to be Christians doing good works, but their words and attitudes show that they are deeply racist and hateful. They commiserate over the poor conditions among the Mrunas, a tribe of people of color who live far away from them, but they have no compassion for their own black neighbors. Helen Robinson, whose husband has been convicted of a crime he clearly did not commit, is criticized among them, and Mrs. Merriweather resents paying her hired help a very minimal wage for a week of hard work. These women also sit in Atticus's house, eating his food, and feel free to criticize him indirectly for representing Tom. There is no love, understanding, or compassion among these "Christian" women in their church meeting. They are hypocrites.

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