In The Kite Runner, how does Amir struggle to become a better man and to evolve?"Amir´s struggles to become a better man because the past won’t let him move forward." That is the thesis...

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A key section of the novel you will want to pay attention to in terms of how it presents the development of Amir is when he goes to Pakistan to see the dying Rahim Khan in Chapter 15. It is when Rahim Khan reveals the truth of Amir and Hassan's relationship that Amir feels honour-bound to go to Afghanistan and look for Hassan's son to try to save him. It is interesting that Rahim Khan uses the words of Baba to shame Amir into action:

"I remember he said to me, 'Rahim, a boy who won't stand up for himself becomes a man who can't stand up to anything.' I wonder, is that what you've become?"

It is the truth of Amir and Hassan's fraternity and the deep sense of shame that Amir feels for having stood by when Hassan was raped as a boy that impels him now to return to Afghanistan. We finally see him trying to make amends for what he didn't do so long ago, and thus taking responsibility for his actions and decisions. Your essay should definitely focus on this turning point for the character of Amir, as it is this point that leads him to show that Amir could do his fighting for himself, rather than, as Baba put it, "someone had always done [his] fighting for [him]."

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