In The Kite Runner, why do you think Amir elaborates so much on the description of his home and the family pictures within the house?

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Baba's home is one of the finest in all of Kabul, and Amir is proud of his family's wealth and heritage. The picture of his grandfather with King Nadir Shah illustrate the family's power; the dead deer shows the men's love of the hunt and their power over animals (and men) who are inferior. The extravagance of the home--hand-picked tiles, gold-lined tapestries, marble floors, chandeliers and four bathrooms--shows that Baba has fine tastes and an urge to impress people through his wealth and power. The magnificence of the home and its lengthy description is also meant to show the contrast with Ali's little mud hut which stands nearby. It is a message that there are two highly different social classes in Afghanistan--the ultra-rich and the ultra-poor. 

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