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How does Act One of "Death of a Salesman" end on a positive note?How does Act \One end...

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xeastwood | Student, Undergraduate | eNotes Newbie

Posted May 17, 2011 at 10:26 AM via web

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How does Act One of "Death of a Salesman" end on a positive note?

How does Act \One end on a positive note?


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timbrady | College Teacher | (Level 1) Educator

Posted May 17, 2011 at 11:08 AM (Answer #1)

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I would suggest that it does not.  Toward the end of the Act, we learn that Willy has tried to kill himself, Linda rips the sons for their lack of concern for the father (justified or not), Biff makes up some story (for himself or for his mom/dad?) about going to get a loan from Bill Oliver, and Linda is urging Willy to get a job at work where he will not have to travel ... all the while not knowing that he is no longer traveling, nor is he any longer making any "real" money since he's on commission and about to lose even that job.

Maybe I am not seeing something, but there's nothing but more delusion at the end of the act, and nothing that strikes me as positive.


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