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How do you write a good thesis statement?I am trying to make a thesis statement about...

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How do you write a good thesis statement?

I am trying to make a thesis statement about two people.

Walter- He is a very symmetrical guy and he goes a little further in his journey which allows him to explore and change.

Woman- She is asymmetrical and disappears throughout the story when she comes back symmetrical.


Post script-They both find each other and they are where they want to be. 

Post Post script- Sorry I didn't provide enough information but the story is "The 5:22" from George Harrar

Please do not answer if you are lower than highschool. (Because you do not have the right education for the essay I am writing.)

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A good thesis statement controls the entire paper.  If your paper is argumentative or persuasive, it needs to be written in the form of a claim. A claim is the argument statement (sentence usually found at the end of your introduction) that you are making about your topic. 

Here are examples of claims used in essays:

A.  In "The Second Shift," Sylvia Ann Hewlett asserts that professional women still carry a disproportion share of the household duties.

     The writer's purpose would be based on the short story and demonstrate how women do more chores than men at home.

B. In his article,"Why We Blow Ourselves Up," Dr. Eyad Sarraj, a founder of a Palestinian civilian group, asserts that the Arab-Israeli conflict has resulted in a desire for revenge through martyrdom in the Palestinian people.

     In this non-fiction article, the writer would have to demonstrate how this conflict has driven people to commit suicide.

C. In the poem, "The Mirror," by Sylvia Plath, while the poem literally describes a mirror, it figuratively or symbolically describes poetry itself.

Each of these claims or arguments will then control the rest of the essay.  Of course, in proving the argument,  the writer would use the story itself and quotations from it.

If you are doing a comparison/contrast essay with your two characters,  you will  have to make a claim.  For example, you might write: "Walter and the woman have chosen different paths in life but lived life to its fullest."  Then, your job would be to prove how each character went through his/her life in a different way but found each path  fulfilling.  It just depends on what you want to prove in your essay and if there is enough material in the story to make  your arguments.

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