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How do you think William Shakespeare became a famous writer and others are still hiding...

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How do you think William Shakespeare became a famous writer and others are still hiding their stories away though they are briliant?

I need it answered for my homework as you might say, plus I am very interested in becoming a writer and need some professional tips. Thank you very much...x

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When Shakespeare was writing, most of the public was not literate, his plays, therefore were written to be performed. A performed piece reached a much larger audience than anything printed at that time. His plays could be enjoyed by the rich and the poor alike, not just those few who could read and afford literature. Of course, Shakespeare's magnificient writing and use of language also played a huge role in why his plays were chosen to be performed. This essay: http://www.enotes.com/will-world-how-shakespeare-became-shakespeare-step/ by Stephen Greenblat is entitled "how shakespeare became shakespeare" and is a really intersting look at how/why Shakespeare became famous.


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He became famous due to his huge amount of plays and poems that he had written and produced (around 154 poems and 37 plays) which is very surprising and difficult to achieve by many playwrights up till now. All his plays were very interesting and thought-provoking, with tragedy, suspense, mystery and a few dose of good-old comic relief.

His way of writing is inventive and and imaginative (he indeed contributed many new words to the english dictionary), very poetic and intriguing  and often quoted to be very beautiful and mesmerizing. The characters that he had introduced in the story are psychologically fascinating into human's way of behavior and holds the key truth which still is present in the modern society. His complex and mind-boggling story plot provides "first-class" entertainment to the thrilled audiences, exploring numerous ways of tragic and romance situations, which is very imaginative and very creative, no other playwrights can beat the unassailable  landmark make by him. This is the main and only reason why his plays his translated to many different languages and sent to many different worlds, studied by many professors in top universities and widely watched by many audiences- both young and the old up till day, many thousands years since his death

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