How do you solve for x  `(b^2•h^5•x)/(e^4•r)=(t^3k)/(y) `

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By cross multiplying we get:


Since we have to solve for x, isolate 'x' on the left hand side and divide  the right hand side by the rest portion of the left hand side(`b^2h^5y` ).

Therefore,` x=` `(t^3ke^4r)/(b^2h^5y)`

By rearranging, `x=(e^4t^3kr)/(h^5b^2y)` `=>` answer

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First of all you want to get everything from the left side to the right except the "x". So, if you multiply both sides by `e^4*r` then it will cancel from the left side:



Then to get the x by itself on the left side of the equation, divide both sides by `b^2*h^5`


Therefore, `x=(e^4*t^3*k*r)/(h^5*b^2*y)`

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