how do you find where a equation intersects the x axis for y=(x-5)^2?

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Given the equation:

`y= (x-5)^2`

`` We need to find where the curve y intersects with the x-axis.

When the curve meets the x-axis, then the value of y is 0.

Then, we will substitute with y= 0 and then determine the value of x-coordinate.

==> `y= (x-5)^2 = 0`

`==> x-5= 0`

`==> x = 5`

``Then, the curve y intersects with the x-axis at the point (5, 0).



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algebraeically solve it, by square rooting both sides to  now get x-5=0 then sove for x, now x=5 this is your x intercept


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To find an x-intercept you make y=0


(x-5)^2 = 0

take the power over and square root the 0

(x-5) = 0

take the five to the other side and change the sign

x = 0+5


x = 5

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