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How do you cite a quotation from a short story?Imprints 12 volume 1 contains short...

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How do you cite a quotation from a short story?

Imprints 12 volume 1 contains short stories and poetry. I would like to know how to cite a quotation in my paragraph. For example; one of the short stories in Imprint 12 is Groom Service, if after I have read the short story, I have to write a response in a paragraph form or an essay and I need to quote a statement from the short story. What will i put after my quoatation.Let say:"... A man is a man, Theodore said." (?) what will i put here? is it ? (Imprint 12, Pg. 17) or (17). Please help!

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You should cite the author and page number as you normally would, (Author, Pg. #), and then give a full bibliographical reference at the end of your paper. 

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