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How do you answer questions about poems in exams?  its poetry

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How do you answer questions about poems in exams?


its poetry

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Like the above mentioned answer, and express what certain effects rhyme schemes or the absence of rhymes have. What certain stylistic effects (like alliteration, enjambment, elipsis) emphasize and how the poetry works.What is the poem trying to say, is it expressing meaning or an experience?

What is the significance or importance of the poem? Do the stylistic features help to convey its message?



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It is very simple.It is definite that the candidate gets comprehensive preparations.He ,first of all, should read the question and make its outline. He should know about introducation,body and conclusion. I mean to say he should write for introducing the topic to the examiner or checker and,then whatever he knows write it in simple and attractive language.The answer must be appealing to question and avoid exaggeration. In this manner,you can write a good answer not only about poetry but also all subjects.

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Basically use pee- that stands for

Point to the

Evidence and

Explain your answer

You will get more marks for this^^^^

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Answer an exam question about a poem by addressing a series of topics. First, you should identify the author and approximate date of the poem. Next, you might discuss whether the poem belongs to or is typical of a specific literary movement (Romantic, Augustan, etc.) and identify its genre (satire, ode, epithalamium, etc.). Next, summarize its main prosodic features (rhythm and rhyme scheme). Next you should discuss its literary style and use of poetic devices or figures of speech. Then you should mention its narrator or narrative voice and main subject matter or themes. You should also note allusions to other poems.


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