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How do I write a better concluding paragraph?I recently wrote an essay based on the...

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How do I write a better concluding paragraph?

I recently wrote an essay based on the music connection between Connie and Arnold Friend. But I need a better conluding paragraph. I have to reinforce the music connection between them! Any suggestions?

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It depends on what the main points of your essay were - a conclusion paragraph is meant to reinforce your main points and leave your audience with a final and lasting thought.  If you are focusing on the music connection, why not use a music quote from a quote sight (see link below) that could help to underscore what you explained in your essay.  Explain in your audience what the importance of this connection is - what can we learn about ourselves and about people in general from making this connection?  These types of explanations will elevate your paper to a more universal level. 

See the other link below for help in writing conclusions.

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