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How do I use your website and your service?  4/19/11 Dear eNote: I have been trying to...

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How do I use your website and your service?



Dear eNote:

I have been trying to get some study help
on my college ENG102 class subjects. The trouble is that I cannot find any of the essay subjects in eNote as I expected.

Specifically, I have been looking for subjects such as –

“Models of American Ethic Relations: A Historical Perspective” by George M Fredrickson

“Deconstructing America” by Patrick J. Buchanan

“Two ways a Woman Can Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence” by Jean Kilbourne

“Bros before Hos: The Guy Code” by Michael Kimmel

How do I search for the essay subjects above?

None of the above essays are showing in your website.

I need help in my study with full text, summarization,
discussions, criticisms, etc.

I am a subscriber.

Thank you.

John S. Lee

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You may not be able to find those particular books on enotes, but that doesn't mean you can't get help with your essays. You may want to try searching for the author's rather than the texts. Many of the authors you listed do have enotes reference pages (see links below for some); within that reference page, there are often hyperlinks to reference pages on their work. However, if you have a specific topic or a specific place in your essay that you are stuck, you're best bet would be to post a question or a discussion topic. There are many teachers and students answering questions and I'm sure that someone has read the works you are looking for help with. You can search for those works withing the groups directory (last link below) or you can start a new group about these works. The information is definitely here, it just might not be written out in a reference page for those particular works.

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