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How do I solve the following probability problem?Suppose you have ten marbles: four...

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How do I solve the following probability problem?

Suppose you have ten marbles: four blue and six red. You choose three marbles without looking. Determine the probability that two marbles are red and the third is blue.

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P(red) = 6/10  because there are 6 out of 10 red marbles

P(red) = 5/9  because there are 5 out of 9 red marbles

P(blue) = 4/8  because there are 4 out of 8 blue marbles

The probability that all three will occur is the product of these individual probabilities.

6/10 * 5/9 * 4/8 = 120/720 = 1/6

The probability is 1/6, or `~~` 16.7%.



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