How do I set up this equation in y=mx+b form?Please explain how to set up this equation in y=mx+b form... y=(2-a)x+a  



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y= (2-a)x + a

The equation is already in the slope for such that the slope m= (2-a) and b= a

==> To rewrite in b terms:

==> a= b

==> m= 2-a

==> m= 2- b

==> y= (2-b)x + b such that the slope m= (2-b).

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Fortunately,  the given equation:   y = (2-a)x + a

is already set up in the required form:   y = mx + b

Let us compare the two equations carefully;  we find that

m = (2-a)         and    b = a

The equation  y = mx + b represents graphically a straight line with the slope being  m and the Y-intercept being  b .

For the given equation, the slope  m = (2-a)   and the intercept  b= a.


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