How do I say the phrase "tell me the story" in Spanish?

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cuéntame la historia  --> (historia= e-storia and the 'e's on 'cuéntame' are pronounced like the 'ea' on the word learn


We dont say 'dime la historia' .

I speak english and spanish (originally spanish) so I know what Im talking about.

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Cuentame el cuento.


Cuentame la historia

There is a written accent over the "e" in cuentame

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"Dime la historia" and "Dime el cuento" are not idiomatic.

"Me dicen el cuento" is not idiomatic and conveys a different meaning: ‘I am being told the story.’

"Dime la cuento" is incorrect from a morphological point of view, since "cuento" is a masculine noun, whereas "la" is a feminine determiner.

"Cuéntame la historia" or "Cuéntame el cuento" would be the most acceptable translations for ‘tell me the story.’ From a morphological point of view, these sentences could be analyzed as consisting of an imperative form of the verb “contar” (“cuenta-”), an enclitic first person pronoun (“me”), and a direct object, which consists in both cases of a simple noun phrase ("la historia," "el cuento.")

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"tell me a story" translates into "cuéntame un cuento".

The English words "tell" and "say" basically translate into "contar" and "decir" respectively; but ... they are tricky and you must always take the context into account. Let me give you a couple of examples, in English you say "tell the time", in Spanish "decir la hora"; in English you say "tell me your name", in Spanish "dime tu nombre"; but "He said hello" translates into "Dijo hola".

So depending on what the word "it" refers to in the following "Tell it to me", the translation would be "Dímela/o" or "Cuéntamela/o."!

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You say it like this

"Dime la historia"

(D-meh la e-storia)

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It would be "Cuéntame una historia por favor." Most have provided this answer and there are some variations depending on what Spanish speaking country you live in. Notice that I added "por favor" at the end since in English we use commands all the time, but in Spanish they tend to sound a bit abrupt to a native speaker so it is a good idea to always be polite. Although "please" was not in your original question, I have added to show cultural respect. Hope this helps!! Doctora Elena
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It would be Cuéntame la historia

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Cuéntame la historia 

Cuéntame - tell me

la - the

historia - story

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Cuentame el cuento.

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Tell me the story would be Cuéntame la historia in Spanish. 

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or, dime la cuenta

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dime la historia

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"Me dicen el cuento".

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dime la cuento


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