How do past events that occured in The Kite Runner affect present actions?This refers to the overall main charactors of the Kite Runner and how their past effects who they became in the present and...

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The universal theme of The Kite Runner is, of course, redemption.  Because redemption requires that someone has done something that he believes needs correcting, the past is deeply connected to the theme and the present.  All of the novel's main characters, like real humans, live their present lives in specific ways because of their past.

Amir--The novel is based upon Amir's view of his past action--betraying Hassan--and we wouldn't have the main plot without Amir's past.  Because of what he did to his closest "friend," Amir gladly leaves his homeland, cannot be as close to his father as he would like, and eventually believes that he is not allowed to be a father.  Once Amir is able to face Afghanistan, Assef, and his cowardice, he is able to move forward in the present.

Baba--Baba cannot live with the memory that he betrayed his friend Ali and his dead wife's memory by sleeping with Sanuabar and fathering Hassan.  Because of this, his relationship with Amir is stilted and leads to Amir's choice of trying to please Baba over saving his Hassan.  Baba never confesses the truth to Amir, and even though he and Amir grow closer toward the end of Baba's life, they still never have the relationship that they could have had without Baba's past actions.

Soraya--Soraya went against her culture's strict social rules and ran away with a man.  Because of this, she feels that it is impossible to please her father and that she is not worthy to marry anyone else.  She seems to forgive herself when Amir gladly takes her as his bride.  Her past affects her in a rather positive way.  Because she knows her own flaws, she is more willing to accept flaws or a "past" in others.

Hassan--Hassan truly tries not to let his past affect him, but much of his circumstance is out of his control.  If Assef had not raped Hassan, then Amir most likely would not have framed Hassan and forced him and Ali to feel like they had to leave Baba's household.  With that being the case, Hassan and Ali most likely would have gotten to go to America with Baba, and who knows what their present would have been like?

Other characters such as Assef, Rahim Khan, and Sanuabar have pasts that cause them to act differently in present time.

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Amir had made irralevent choices due to his jealousy of Hassan when he was young, that effected him for the rest of his life and stopped him from meeting Hassan again in his life

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