How do the media cover political campaigns?

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The media will cover political campaigns extensively. We are able to see that right now with the coverage of the 2016 election for President.

The media will cover the debates held between the candidates. They will analysis what is said to determine if the statements are accurate and if they are consistent with statements made previously by the candidates. The media may follow up after the debate with questions to clarify what was stated in a debate.

The media will also cover campaign events for the candidates. The media will report on what went on at these events and will report what the candidate said. The media may need to follow up on what was said or done at these campaign events.

The media serves as a watchdog to be sure the candidates are consistent and accurate in their statements and with their positions on key issues. The media will bring any issues to the public’s attention that may show a waffling on or change of positions on key issues.

The media will conduct public opinion polls to see which candidate is favored. These polls may also show how the candidate is faring among a specific group of people or if the candidate is viewed positively or negatively. The media might try to predict the outcome of an election based on these polls.

The media will cover the national conventions of the two major parties. They will report on party positions of major issues. They will examine the choice of a running mate very closely.

The media plays a very important role in covering elections.

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In general, the media cover political campaigns with a major emphasis on the “horse race” aspect of those campaigns.  Mass media outlets tend to like to focus on competition because that is something that is very easily understood by readers.  It is also something that is fairly exciting.  For this reason, the media tends not to focus as much as perhaps it should on the issues.  The media does not tend to focus on whether a certain candidate’s policies would be good for the country.  Instead, they tend to focus on whether those policy positions will help the candidate win.


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