How do I make an outline for a paper that is about Anne Frank? Its not compare/contrast, it is about her movie that was in color in the 80s I believe. Ive never done an outline. I think it is 1...

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I have had a lot of experience writing movie reviews. I would hate to have to write about a movie I had seen only once and perhaps had seen some years before. I would definitely try to get some published material to refer to--and the best places to find such material are in the New York Times and Weekly Variety. Their reviews may now be accessible online. I used to go to the Periodicals Room at one of the universities and look them up there. The reviewers don't get all their information just by watching the movie. They receive press kits that are crammed with information, including summaries of the movies. The reviewers may sound very well informed and wise, but they are getting a lot of their information from those press kits. Nobody can sit and watch a movie and remember everything about it afterwards. At the same time, it is impossible to sit in the dark and try to scribble notes while you are watching a movie.

I suggest that you try to get copies of the reviews of the film in the sources I mentioned, either online or at a good library. You might have to read them on microfilm or on microfiche. If you've had no experience with these machines, the attendants are there to help you. Most of the machines allow you to take pictures of the pages. 

The movie was based on Anne Frank's diary. I should think the purpose of your paper would be to discuss how the diary was adapted to the screen. But you can pick up some good ideas for an approach to your essay by reading the reviews.

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