How do Foxwood Farm and Pinchfield Farm compare in Animal Farm?

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The similarity between the two is that they both are adjacent to Animal Farm and seek to benefit from Manor Farm and Mr. Jones’ downfall. However, typically, the two owners of the farms fought with each other and disagreed.


Foxwood Farm is not well kept, it is neglected, overgrown, and described as old fashioned. Its owner, Pilkington, enjoyed spending his time pursuing fishing and hunting. Pinchfield’s owner was much different. He is described as “tough and shrewd”. He also drives hard bargains and finds himself fighting others in law suits frequently. In short, Pilkington is described as more laid back and a little lazy, and  Mr. Frederick, Pinchfield’s owner, is constantly fighting with people.

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Foxwood Farm and Pinchfield Farm are the two farms that are nearest to what is orignially called Manor Farm and is later called Animal Farm (and is then Manor Farm again at the end).

Foxwood Farm is described as being bigger than Pinchfield Farm.  However, Foxwood is not run as well as the other farm.  Pilkington, its owner, is more interested in hunting and fishing.  So his farm is a bit overgrown.  Pinchfield is smaller, but it is run quite efficiently.

Pinchfield represents Germany under Hitler while Foxwood is supposed to represent England.

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