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In Wuthering Heights, how do Edgar and Heatchliff react differently to Catherine's...

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In Wuthering Heights, how do Edgar and Heatchliff react differently to Catherine's death in chapter 16? Please help!

Hi, i have an assignment with the following question:

"How do Edgar and Heatchliff react differently to Catherine's death? Support your views from Bronte's writing."

I also have a format on how it should be: 

1st paragraph: Introduction to the book and 3 characters. (Edgar, Heathcliff, and Catherine).

2nd paragraph and onward: How Catherine died, last meeting between Heathcliff and Catherine, and all the reactions (also include quotes from the book).

Last paragraph: conclusion.

Please help me this is very urgent.


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When Emily Bronte wrote Wuthering Heights people were shocked.

How, one wonders, was she able to depict violent human nature, given the seeming uneventfulness of her life?

She was the daughter of a minister, a life which exposed her to many unique and different people, upon which she was able to base her novels and characters. To understand her better, use the eNotes study guide and navigate to the biography and use this tool to navigate to character analysis and other aspects which will help you answer your questions.

Please post the questions about the three characters (re 'format') and Catherine's death separately as they cannot be answered here unless they are closely related to your original question in terms of eNotes rules. They are in fact separate issues.

As expected, Heathcliff's reaction and Edgar's reaction to Catherine's death are notably different. Heathcliff is passionate and ever vengeful whereas Edgar is accepting and deeply saddened.

Heathcliff is incensed when Nelly tells him that Catherine appears to be at peace. He wants her to haunt him forever, until he too can die.

I cannot live without my soul.

Edgar is clearly exhausted and, although having seen Heathcliff and Catherine together just before she died and having wanted to react, was prevented from it by Catherine's condition. Heathcliff then withdraws to wait in the garden. Edgar resigns himself to sitting by her side and leaves her only to rest before the funeral.


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