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How did the two main British settlements in North America—New England and the...

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How did the two main British settlements in North America—New England and the Chesapeake—differ from one another?  How were they similar? 

Make sure to consider the economic, social, political, and cultural aspects of each colony during the first decades of each settlement

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The early settlers in Plymouth and the rest of New England came predominantly for religious freedom, while many of the early settlers in Chesapeak Bay area and Jamestown area came for riches. The settlers in Plymouth wrote the Plymouth Compact, an agreement on how they would govern themselves, while the settlers in the south had their rules dictated by England and were not self-governed. One of the men who traveled on the Mayflower, Stephen Hopkins, had previously lived in Jamestown. He was the only passenger aboard the Mayflower who had been to North America previously. He was very involved in building relationships with the Native Americans in Plymouth.  In New England, the Native Americans and the settlers co-existed predominantly peacefully for fifty years. In Jamestown their wer lots of conflicts and fighting between the settlers and the Native Americans. In Jamestown, the settlers began growing tobacco and indigo and were more dependent on agriculture. In Plymouth, the colonists were predominantly subsistence farmers and fished, cut lumber, and shipped these and furs to England.

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