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How did sports change over the years?I have an essay about history due tomorow and i...

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How did sports change over the years?

I have an essay about history due tomorow and i have to know how sports have changed over the past 100 years,..and i reallly need help i have to write a 5 paragraph essay. how did basketball,boxing,hockey,and baseball change over the past years in canada? please help me OUT!!!!!

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The previous post was accurate in its assertion that this is a broad question.  One equally applicable idea would be the changing in training methods and techniques in different sports over the last fifty years.  The science of sport, or bio-mechanics, has emerged as being critical in developing stronger, better, and more finely honed athletes.  The isolation of specialized training practices and techniques at all levels have drastically changed the sports world in so many ways.  Trainers and coaches have identified new and fascinating approaches to enhancing excellence in sport.  Examining these different methodologies in training could be a very interesting study in how sport has changed over time.

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That's a pretty broad question, so let me get you started.  You will want to consider the effects of technology, such as the invention of the radio and television on the popularity and accessibility of each sport.

You may also want to think about when sports became more inclusive to women and minorities and the results of this shift, as well as the inclusion of these sports in school curriculums and local community programs.

Lastly, consider how the Olympics have shaped these sports in the last century and made them international as well as promoting excellence.

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