How did Ophelia love for Hamlet destroyed her ( by loving hamlet it has undone her but how?) i know ever since she started loving him her relationship between her father and brother has changed and...

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Ophelia loved Hamlet but Hamlet did not express his feelings towards her. Even when Hamlet kills Polonius accidently, he doesn't seem inclined to regret it to Ophelia. It was she who was distressed about losing her father as well as her lover, as Hamlet was sent to England after this incident.

Ophelia wanted to marry Hamlet but he was too engrossed in his dilemma of avenging his father's murder from Claudius that he forgot about Ophelia.

Knowing that her father wouldn't come back and Hamlet would not bother to accept her, also her brother would never agree to her marriage, she committed a suicide by jumping into the river.

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