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How did the bombing of Pearl Harbor impact WWII either socially, economically, or...

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How did the bombing of Pearl Harbor impact WWII either socially, economically, or politically?

I'm writing an 8 paragraph essay on the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and I'm having trouble finding how it impacted WWII socially, politically, or economically. I don't want facts, like 2,400 died, I need a deeper thought, like reading in between the lines. Thanks!

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One problem with this is that World War II is not something that can really be affected socially or economically.  You could talk about Pearl Harbor's impact on how the war went or you can talk about its social or economic or political impacts on the US or Japan.  But you can't really talk about its social or economic impacts on the war itself.

The major impact of the Pearl Harbor attack on the war was that it brought the United States into the war.  This completely changed the face of the war, particularly since Germany chose to declare war against the US soon after Pearl Harbor.  With the US in the war, the Axis was going to have a much harder time winning.  The immense industrial power (and the large population) of the United States meant that the Axis was going to be (in the long term) at a major disadvantage.  By bringing the US into the war, then, the Pearl Harbor attack completely changed WWII.

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The bombing of Pearl Harbor united the nation and made it possible for President Roosevelt to get Congress to issue a declaration of war against Japan that was virtually unanimous. Prior to Pearl Harbor there had been a great deal of isolationist and anti-war sentiment in the United States. But seeing American battleships being sunk in the newsreels and hearing about thousands of American boys being killed had a transforming effect on American mass psychology. This enabled the President to receive a virtual blank check for financing the war effort. It was inevitable that Germany would declare war because of their pact with Japan. Americans never doubted that they and their allies could win the war. It was only a question of timing. The nation had never experienced such a spirit of unity. The factories began working twenty-four hours a day. There was the day shift, the swing shift and the graveyard shift. Anybody could get a job. The production capacity of the United States was awesome once it got converted to the war effort. The conversion of millions of young men and women to soldiers and sailors was fantastic for a nation that was noted for being isolationist and nonmilitaristic. Shipbuilding was booming because the U.S. was separated from its enemies by the two biggest oceans. They were launching new ships daily on both coasts. The U.S. emerged from World War II and the dominant world power both militarily and politically.

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