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How come scientists don't believe that people existed during the continents' split due...

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How come scientists don't believe that people existed during the continents' split due to tectonic plate movement, EVEN THOUGH

factors, such as religion, culture, etc., match up along the coastline of continents; they match up like a puzzle. It's like scientists don't want to admit the truth.

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Scientists do not believe that humans were around when the continents split because they have good evidence for the dating of the splitting of the continents.  There is plenty of evidence that shows that the most recent supercontinent broke up something in the range of 200 million years before the present.  There is also good archaeological evidence that tells us that modern human beings did not come into existence until some time around 200,000 years ago.  Therefore, it is impossible that people could have been around for the splitting of the continents.

Since physical evidence tells us that the continents split long before human beings existed, we can conclude that there must be other reasons for whatever cultural or religious similarities people might perceive along coastlines.

I would be interested to see your evidence for similar religions and cultures along coastlines.  I would argue that this kind of connection between civilizations tends to be much harder to prove scientifically because similarities between cultures and religion are sort of "in the eye of the beholder."

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Human beings have evolved over time, just like every other living thing in the history of time has evolved. Anthropologists, paleontologists, and molecular biologists commonly agree through research and collected data that humans all have a common ancestor that lived just a few million years ago. The continents split millions upon millions of years before our ape like ancestors even lived. There is not any evidence that suggests that humans or anything close to being human existed during this time.

This is all in theory of course and there is always room for debate.

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all features of all continents which were connected with another. but due to plate tectonic they were divided into several part . but all features were same.

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