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How can you increase your breast size without surgery or pills? I understand that I...

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How can you increase your breast size without surgery or pills?

I understand that I should accept how God made me but yet I feel unhappy and uncomfortable. Please, is there anyone who can help me? And no I will not try to get pregnant ':)

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This is something women have struggled with forever, it seems.  I wish I could figure out a way for all of us to be happy with our bodies, to celebrate that we are all beautiful, but in different ways.

There are ways to make it appear as though your breasts are larger, without pills, surgery, or pregnancy. :)  Exercise of the muscles that support your breasts could make them appear to be larger and give you the added advantage of attractive arms, since most exercises involve both.  You also have the wonderful advantage of not worrying so much about sag later on in your life.

I have included a link with an article on this topic and some suggested exercises. Many magazines have exercises, and there are plenty of websites that do, too.  I know you already know this, but before doing any exercises, you should talk to your family doctor or pediatrician to be sure particular exercises are safe for you.  It is possible that your muscle and breast development are not complete yet, and doing too much might be harmful. 

I am going to give you a bit of a lecture because I just cannot resist.  You do not realize it yet, but the people who are worth including in your life are not the people who care about your breast size.  I know this is hard to realize when you are in ninth grade. (I was in ninth grade once, too!)  What is important is what is inside of you. The outside is just an envelope.  As you and your friends get older, you will come to appreciate qualities like intelligence, empathy, flexibility, and humor.  The people you will want in your life will have those qualities and want them in you.  If I had to make a guess, I would guess that you would not choose a boyfriend based upon how large his muscles were.  You do not want a boyfriend who chooses you based upon your breast size.  That is not a boyfriend who will value you for who you are. 


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You can buy a breast serum for natural breast enlargement.  Pills do not work and surgery ius expensive and risky so you are right to not want to do wither of those.

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