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how can there be repilsion forces between the nucleons?  

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how can there be repilsion forces between the nucleons?


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there are many types nucleons but we consider only two nucleons. protons and neutrons.

Protons have positive charge and Neutrons have no charge.

the reason for the repulsion forces between the nucleons is

the same charged particles always repel as the north pole of one magnet and north pole of other magnet repel in the same way the proton and proton repel in side the nucleus and neutrons does not have repulsion force.

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/ It was very simple  answer/ In fact,nucleons  act reciprocally  by the nuclear  field  which  consists of virtual п-mezons,really -  nucleons  are surrounded  a mesonic  "fur coat". And  between  nucleons   operate  only nuclear  forces(every  nucleon  has a constant  of strong  co-operations, which  determines  the size  of nuclear  forces)  . Electric  charge    does not influence on them. There is charge's independence of nuclear  forces. If we  examined  these  forces, as  electromagnetic, protons would push off and  destroy  a nucleous.Nuclear forces in one hundred times exceed electromagnetic forces  and  have short- active  character

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