How can peer pressure in bad ways nowadays among students can be stopped?How  peer pressure which leads to bad consequences can be stopped? discuss your veiws.

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I completely agree with you Ms Hardison.

Your's is a true debate. :) I loved it.

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I don't think it's every going to be possible to stop peer pressure.  Our peers are very important to us and they always will be.  All you can really do is to reduce the impact that peer pressure has on any given person.  One way to do this is by having strong values and attitudes of your own so that you will be less inclined to just go along with what your peers want to do.

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Peer pressure isn't something new and it isn't something that is likely to go away.  It is a part of life and a part of growing up.  One way to combat peer pressure is to offer healthy alternatives.  A student involved in healthy social activities is less likely to succumb to negative peer pressure.  They will have friends that will stand up with them and they will feel more comfortable turning down a poor choice.  Teen with a higher self esteem are also less likely to succumb to negative peer pressure.  Someone who feels good about himself or herself is going to be far more confident in standing up to others.

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yeah..u all are right but still in many parts its going up to a certain high level in a negative manner whose consequences are really drastic.

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When one appreciates the way one is, feel your swag, why get influenced?

The best advice...' hold fast to your beliefs and others will listen.'

Avoid the wrong company that will 'bug' you much

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yeah dats absolutely right..Thank you all 4 taking part in this discussion. hope i will get dis same kind of support and encouragement in the future .


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Unfortunately, I do not think that peer pressure will ever be stopped. Too many people, at the age in question, feel as they know everything. They believe that the choices they make are good for everyone; and they tend to impose their choices on others through peer pressure.

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yes,    it cant be stopped but can be controlled so that it may not lead to any bad tracks.

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Peer pressure and bullying can be stopped.  It will be stopped when children are taught tolerance, both at school and home.  It will be stopped when schools no longer accept bullying as a part of childhood, and work to eradicate it for real.

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yes, thats true thanks for your veiw.

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Well, the discussion isn't really "peer pressure: does it and will it exist?" The discussion is really "how to stop the currently unprecedented harmful effects of peer pressure." Surely, "peer pressure" can't be stopped, in either its good effects (negotiating the passing of environmentally beneficial legislation) or in its bad effects (Prince Harry turning to drinking with the lads when a teen). Yet just as surely, adults (parents, legislators, education professionals, religious leaders) must step in and decry the contemporary effects of peer pressure gone disastrously awry! Beatings, hangings, ostracism, shooting--all most likely displayed on YouTube or tauted on FaceBook. These effects of peer pressure must not be embroiled in the complacency of "well, peer pressure always was and always will be." Surely the current high-tech levels of peer pressure gone awry require attention and action.

The first step (and I do not have the knowledge to see past the first step) is to decry the current outrages of peer pressure and to demand safety for our children and youths; to demand the respect of human dignity among our children and youths; to demand outrages be curtailed, even if it means well thought out restrictions on people of certain youthful ages (yes, yes, I know--can't legislate morality; and the free market economy--yes, yes--yet slavery would have gone on much longer if Lncoln's generation had not acted in several countries to legislate morality; and the free market economy has lost a significant lot of clout recently, hasn't it?). One thing that has been done successfully in the past, e.g., MAD and Abolition, is the formation of grassroots protest movements to awaken concsiousness, enliven outrage, and chart a path of corrective action. Worldwide protest, as it is a worldwide problem, has the potential to awaken a path of corrective action and enliven a way to reign-in peer pressure gone wild.

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