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How can I make my headphone's mic working?I have a headphone which is working...

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How can I make my headphone's mic working?

I have a headphone which is working appropriately in Windows XP, but not in win-7. I connect it and record sound with the help of it but it does not record any sound. My speakers in that headphone is working well but the mic is not responding. Please suggest me...

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I have connected correctly and if i install win xp and use mic it works well
if i install win 7 mic stops working but the speakers of my headphone still workssss.....

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All external devices whether plug-n-play or otherwise need appropriate 'driver' of the operating system. Generally these drivers are a part of the operating system like Windows XP ir Wnidows 7. In your case it seems that the driver for that particular make and model of headphones is not installed in Windows 7 and hence the problem.

Probably you will have to buy new headphones compatible with Windows 7. To varify the Mic problem, you may check your headphones with another computer using Windows 7 for Mic to ensure you have a complete version of Windows & installed in your computer before making a new purchase.

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Buy new headphones

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maybe it is not compatible with windows 7....depends what headphones they are!!

but if you are using windows 7 then i think you do need buy new headphones.

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