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How can I edit it?Hi, I am a accountant. I am preparing a balance sheet but because of...

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How can I edit it?

Hi, I am a accountant. I am preparing a balance sheet but because of staff shortage and time pressures I cant complete it on time. There is lot of common data with last years which I need not retype and I can manage by editing last year’s balance sheet? Is their any software on net where I can do this easily??

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Most certainly there are lot of different accounting software packages available which make the total task of maintaining and analysing accounts fast and easy. The facility for preparing balance sheet is one of the basic tasks that all such software provide. Such systems also provide facilities of using applicable data from the accounts of previous accounting period, without having to reenter the data again. Such data often consists of master information such as charts of accounts, and data such as closing balances that can be used as opening balances for the new accounting period. Other data such as rates of items like rent or discount, that remain unchanged, can be copied from the previous accounting period. However, if you are not already using one of such systems, I do not think it is possible to introduce a new system without having to feed the entire data into the new system.

If you are looking for shifting from an old system to a new system with better facilities, the vendor of the new software package may provide some facility for converting the data in existing system to a format suitable for the new system. However the total cost and effort of shifting to a different accounting software package is likely to be much more than what can be justified for just preparing a balance sheet.

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HI,  there are many sites which can help you to prepare the balance sheet easily but its not safe because you can expose confidential information to others you dont know. However you can DIY edit your documents, just go to www.onlinedocumentconversion.com register & buy some credits and convert your documents and then edit your balance sheet yourself faster than normal.

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