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How can I describe Amir's internal conflict with the guilt from Hassan, and how was...

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How can I describe Amir's internal conflict with the guilt from Hassan, and how was this conflict resolved in The Kite Runner?

I'm having trouble describing the internal conflict with Amir and his guilt with Hassan. I can't think of a way to describe it and how it was resolved. I know that he was guilty because he was there, but can't think of a legitimate way to describe it, and more importantly how this conflict was resolved.


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Amir suffers feelings of guilt from two specific acts that involved Hassan. First, Amir fails to come to Hassan's aid when he is raped by Assef following Amir's victory in the kite-flying tournament. Although it would have been a courageous act to intervene, Amir chooses the cowardly way out and simply hides, remaining silent as he watches the future Taliban tyrant sodomize his friend. Then, on Amir's birthday, he plants money under Hassan's mattress to make him appear guilty of theft because he is jealous of Baba's attention toward Hassan. Although Baba forgives Hassan, his father, Ali, decides they must leave Baba's home. These two events haunt Amir for many years, and he eventually discovers that there is only one way to atone for his sins: When he discovers that Hassan's son, Sohrab--who is actually Amir's nephew--is still alive in Afghanistan, Amir decides that he must find him and free him from the hands of the Taliban. It is a dangerous mission, verging on suicidal, but Amir knows this is the only way his conscience can be cleansed.

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well, Amir had to live with the guilt of him being there and he was just watching it! he felt bad especially when he started remembering all the times that  Hassan had stood up for him, and confronted Assef with his slingshot. Amir resolved it by being a better person, after knowing that Hassan was his long-lost brother, and knowing that he had a son he knew that saving Sohrab was the least that he could do to pay back Hassan and to take the guilt off of his chest and mind, he took Sohrab and brought him to the US, he treated him as if he was his own son, and that's when the guilt stopped haunting him.


I hope it helped. Good luck =)

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