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How can I deal with a patient whos suffering from Sleep Apnea Syndrome?My 30 years...

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How can I deal with a patient whos suffering from Sleep Apnea Syndrome?

My 30 years old brother is Suffering from a rise in blood pressure, in addition to being a smoker and an increase in weight. He stopped smoking last Saturday as he suddnly startd to stop breathing at night; which made him wake up every night for up to 10 times.

I can't drive; so in case something came up at night I don't know what to do! ofcourse I well call my eldst brother to take him to the hosital.

But I want to know what to do meanwhile.

I just started to check his heart beats every couple of minutes and comparing it with mine. But I want to know more about this problem so that I know what to do if something serious happend.


Thank you very much.

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First of all, sleep apnea, or an interruption in breathing while sleeping, is a serious disorder and MUST be seen by a doctor.  As a long time sleeper with the same issue, I cannot emphasize enough that your brother must see a medical professional.  Now, as for the disorder, most obstructive sleep apnea people stop breathing because the airway becomes covered with their collapsing tissue in the back of the throat.  A CPAP machine will provide constant air pressure which keeps that airway open in order to breathe.  If you hear him 10 times a night, he almost certainly stops more often or gets less oxygen than needed.  An overnight oximetry test which measures oxygen in the blood will tell a professional his level.  The two biggest dangers with sleep apnea are car accidents because the person is so tired that the brain doesn't register what it  sees, and heart attacks because of the lack of oxygen.  I'm giving you only a small portion of the information available; your brother must see a professional to truly assess his level of need. If you wake him when he stops breathing, he will sit up and start breathing again because the airway is open; however, this will not solve the problem on any permanent basis.  There are also other causes for the problem which can be solved in different ways such as surgery,  but only by a professional.  Please don't wait in seeking help.

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Hi there,


Thank you very much; 

God bless you :)

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