How are Betty and Ruth's symptoms similar in The Crucible?

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In Act I when the Putnam's visit Reverend Parris and Betty we learn that their daughter, Ruth, is also sick.  From their descriptions we learn that both of them are lying in bed and will not wake up. Ruth reports to Parris and the crowd gathered in his house that Ruth, like Betty, only lies in bed and cannot get up or move at all.  However, unlike Betty, her eyes are open.

She ails as she must—she never waked this morning but her eyes open and she walks, and hears naught, sees naught, and cannot eat. Her soul is taken, surely

Unlike Parris, Ann Putnam is not willing to suggest that their daughters are sick.  Instead, she and her husband truly believe that young Ruth has been bewitched by the devil.  In fact, Thomas Putnam seems quite relieved that Parris has sent to Beverly for Reverend Hale.  In the Putnam's mind there is nothing that Dr. Griggs can do.  Only a minister can break the witches spell that is hurting their daughters.


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