How are Alexander Hamiliton's political ideas still relevant today?How are Alexander Hamiliton's political ideas still relevant today?

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I think Hamilton would have been very interested in the debt crisis. He believed that the government needed to be financially stable to be strong. He also did not think Congress should be allowed to make decisions that would weaken the government financially.
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Alexander Hamilton believed in a strong federal government that was financially sound. As the first Secretary of the Treasury, he created the Bank of the United States. This helped produce a national coinage, revenue to repay the national debt and standardize banking practices. These ideas have paved the way for the government intervention of our current fiscal crisis. Today's Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, owes much to Hamilton's ideas that the government should help stabilize economic policy and work towards a stong, diversified economy. Some other of Hamilton's ideas are not as popular today, such as erecting high tariffs on imports and using several types of excise taxes. Most officials in the current Presidential administration favor free trade with few if any tariffs so that goods are able to travel freely across country lines.

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