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historical significance in AmericaI need to write an essay about a place in this...

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historical significance in America

I need to write an essay about a place in this country that you think will be of historical significance 100 years from now.


With words and pictures (optional) talk about a city of musical importance in america. (This assignment can take the form of a poem.)

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Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., New Orleans, St. Augustine, Memphis, Nashville, San Diego--the list goes on and on.  I think what you need to do is focus on a place you like or would like to know more about.  Do some research on what makes the place important historically, musically, or in some other capacity.  Once you've found some interesting facts, begin writing.  There are so many places in this country that would fit the bill...good luck!

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Oak Ridge, Tennessee, needs to be on that list. It was in Oak Ridge that the bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was made.

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I believe a place that would be a good snapshot of this present era would be Times Square. The rampant commercialism and consumerism of our culture saturates the place where we celebrate the completion of a year. In other words we are drowning in advertisements as we mark the passage of time. Our culture's defining motivation is, at present, patriotic consumerism. Consumer confidence is a more functional part of our country's perceived health than is religion, citizenship or morality. Times Square is a neon outdoor cathedral to our true national passion. And remember to use your Visa Card.

For the music, use any of the commercial jingles and slogans we have unconsciously memorized.  

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If you are talking about cities that may be historically important for their music, you should look at Seattle, home of the alternative rock scene that produced Pearl Jam, and Kansas City which still has some of the best blues in the country and produced such artists as Stevie Ray Vaughn. 

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