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Hi, is there a free complete source for Animal idioms in English?I am interested in...

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Hi, is there a free complete source for Animal idioms in English?

I am interested in English idioms very much. I want to translate English Animal idioms to Persian. I have some sources but they are not complete. I want a complete one. I searched some webs but as I told you they were not complete and some idioms were not existed. Please help me in finding a good and complete source for English animal idioms.

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I think you are from Iran. I'm from Iran and so glad to meet you!

I have a very useful book named STREET TALK which one part of it is about animal idiom and the rest is about the other meaning side of any word that after finding out them you will be amazed!

you talked about searching on the net so there is no need to tell you there is lots of online idiomatic dictionary and elearning sites for it, like the linked reference. 

I hope that I could helped you and good luck with your well off job ;)

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