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Identify an essential technique used in creating About a Boy.

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muttonjesse | Student, Grade 11 | (Level 1) eNoter

Posted May 19, 2012 at 2:12 AM via web

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Identify an essential technique used in creating About a Boy.

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Ashley Kannan | Middle School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

Posted May 19, 2012 at 1:00 PM (Answer #1)

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I think that one of the most important techniques in creating Hornby's novel is the idea of parallel characterizations.  Both Will and Marcus are created as parallels of one another, representing opposite realities, but embodying a sense of hollowness and emptiness that seems to pervade the modern setting that Hornby constructs.  The parallel realities of Will and Marcus enable Hornby to pivot in making a statement about where the modern setting lies in terms of human consciousness.  It is an important technique because it enables Hornby to present a reality about what it means to live in the modern condition, and in using both characters as parallels to one another, Hornby is able to make such a statement.  The reader is introduced and examines both character, one immersed in popular culture and the other seeming to live outside of it.  In seeing both, there is a clear understanding that there is a hollowness and sense of emptiness in both.  Through recognizing the frailties intrinsic to both, one is able to understand what statement Hornby is making about society, as a whole, through parallel characterizations.


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seemachoudhary | College Teacher | (Level 1) eNoter

Posted May 19, 2012 at 6:39 AM (Answer #2)

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First of all you have to read the novel thoroughly and your concepts should be clear about the techniques of novel,whrther it is written in first person,second person narration or ominiscent technique.Then critically analysr its title theme and characters .

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