Hi i am in my final year of a B.A. English literaure degree programme. Are there any terms that I need to be familiar with, such as  parody, allegory, masques, etc.? Cometh the hour of the exam...

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There are, of course, a great many literary terms that you should be familiar with. It is hard to guess which ones might come up on such an important exam. Fortunately for you, eNotes has extensive coverage of this subject in its Guide to Literary Terms, which you can access by clicking on the reference links below. There is a complete index of literary terms in the eNotes guide. If you were to review that list several times and familiarize yourself with the meanings of all those terms, you should be well prepared for that portion of the exam. You should also read the Introduction in the Guide to Literary Terms. See reference link. Finally, the Homework Help feature in the Guide to Literary Terms presently contains 845 questions about literary terms, most of which have been clearly answered. See reference link below. Many of the questions should resemble the types of questions that will be asked on an exam. LOL.


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