I have to write an analysis essay about "The Leap" and am having trouble finding my thesis statement. I'm thinking about maybe it could be: "how the daughter loves and respects her...

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 You didn't say how you are going to focus your analysis. I'm guessing that it is probably connected to either theme or character.

First of all, I would check out the enotes section on "The Leap" to help you get a sense of the themes:

On its most basic level, it is a pleasant story of a daughter doing her duty by an aging parent whom she loves and respects. On a deeper level, it is a commentary on to what one owes one's existence and what one makes of it. On yet another level, it speaks of the moments of decision in each person's life, and the ways in which one uses these moments to change the courses of one's own and others’ lives.

A good thesis is:

  • arguable --that is, something that you can defend in your essay. If it isn't, you'll have a hard time writing it
  • insightful--it should show that you see something that not everyone else does
  •  important--that is, it is not too obvious, and it is worth the time and attention you give to it
  • specific
  • in a sentence

Your first attempt seems too obvious. If anyone who read the story knew that the daughter respected her mom, then it's not worth while writing about that. What else do you see in their relationship that connects to the bigger themes? Can you find one way of looking at them that reveals some insight into the way people build respect/ trust in relationships? Or a way that shows, through the interactions of the characters, that in moments of crisis we reveal our true character, as the two of them do?


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