In Henry Howard's poem "Wyatt resteth here, that quick could never rest".... Does Howard paint a different image of Sir Thomas Wyatt?  What personal qualities does Howard attribute to Wyatt? What...

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In this poem, Howard presents a highly attractive image of Wyatt, depicting him not merely as an ideal "Renaissance man" but also as an almost flawless human being who lived his life as God would want any Christian to live.

Howard describes Wyatt as virtuous (3), wise (5), patriotic (6-8), virtuous again (10), and stoic in his ability to deal appropriately with the fluctuations of fortune (11-12). Howard also presents Wyatt as poetically talented (13-16), multilingual (17), and as a talented foreign diplomat (17).

According to Howard, Wyatt was a good mentor to English youth on their trips to Europe (19-20), and he was also a man who always sought to bring out the best in people because he was himself highly virtuous and never deceitful (21-24).

Howard presents Wyatt as brave, truthful, outspoken in defense of truth, and sensible, stable, and mature (25-28). Wyatt is described as having been both strong and attractive (29). He was almost a perfect human being, yet even such a good man (Howard laments) had his enemies (31-33).

Wyatt was, according to Howard, almost Christlike in his virtues, but, like Christ, he was not properly treated during his time on earth (33-38).

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