Help with Socratic Method for "Lord of the Flies"I am having an inner/outer circle at school on the book "Lord of the Flies". What type of things should I say in it?  This is my first...

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The idea behind Socratic Seminars like this one is to see how deeply you and your classmates understand the novel.  You will want to think about the passage (or entire book, in your case) you are discussing and prepare questions you would like answered.  You don't necessarily have to know the answers already, but you should care about finding out the answer.  For instance, with Lord of the Flies, you might consider a question such as: What qualities should leaders have in a society like the ones the boys have on this island?  Why is it that they vote in Ralph, but eventually all switch over to Jack? 

These questions point out the differences in Ralph and Jack's leadership styles and also bring about discussion about what sort of leadership is needed or wanted in a similar situation.  You could also prepare questions regarding symbolism, theme, and the darkness of human nature.  Why does Jack feel he needs to murder Piggy and Jack?  Why can't they just let them continue as outcasts on their beach?  Why is it that Samneric allow Ralph a headstart to the beach?  Is it goodness or fear that keeps them quiet and allows Ralph to escape?

Questions such as these make you and your classmates dig deeper below the surface of the novel, and you may never come up with the "right" answer, but you will have thought about the issues more deeply than you may have otherwise.

Prepare at least five questions with page references.

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