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Help with Outline on Topic of Race for "Robinson Crusoe"Could you suggest to me a good...

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Help with Outline on Topic of Race for "Robinson Crusoe"

Could you suggest to me a good outline of a  research  about race in 'Robinson Crusoe'?

Actually, I don't know how to deal with this exposé on which I didn't find much idea and I didn't find any resources.

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The best way to handle this topic would be to read the novel from a colonial angle. If you read the novel thoroughly you will find how colonialism has been dealt with throughout the novel and how race has been explored from that colonial perspective. You should point out the colonial aspects first, and then try to analyse those points from the perspective of race – the topic of your essay. There are some influential criticisms / articles available in the criticism section of eNotes designed for this book. Among these the article by Hubbell may help you enormously. 

See the following link for further details.

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