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Help with Elizabeth Bishop: Writing Conclusioni have to write appreciation of...

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Help with Elizabeth Bishop: Writing Conclusion

i have to write appreciation of Elizabeth Bishop in a public talk form. I have written all the talk but I don't know how to write the conclusion. don't know how to end it. should i mention a thanks to sponsors to make it a bit a realistic. i really don't know what to say. can anybody plz help me with it......

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I don't know enough about Elizabeth Bishop to give you a proper answer to your question but don't worry too much about your conclusion. As long as you signal clearly that you are summing up or concluding by thanking whoever, your audience will know that you are winding up and will be comfortable with it, hopefully delivering a deserved round of applause on cue. One nice way of concluding any talk of this kind is with a quotation from the author's work, something which in your opinion sums her up. Then you can finish with words like: 'So I'll leave you with something Elizabeth Bishop wrote which seems to me to represent the essence of her poetry and maybe will send you away with something to think about....[quote]...Thank you very much for listening.' Even better if you can tie in a quotation which would be apt for the sponsors as well. Good luck.

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You might find it helpful to visit two pages here at eNotes:

Here is an excerpt from "How to Write a Speech in 10 Easy Steps": 

8) Conclusion. This often seems to be the most problematic part for the speechwriter. Have you said enough? Too much? If you say “finally” or “in conclusion,” be prepared to end the speech pretty quickly. Audiences know that it’s over; to keep going can irritate them and may even lose any good will you’ve accumulated. So take care in your speech writing to draw an apt and memorable conclusion. And stick to it!

Check out our pages too, on Elizabeth Bishop. 

Good luck!   

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