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Help with British literature essayI have to write an essay on a British literary...

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Help with British literature essay

I have to write an essay on a British literary period, group, a British poem, or a British poet in 3000 words. Can you give me some advice on the topic and content of my essay?  

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The college I attended required anthologies published by Norton. They have a great website that breaks down the different periods and poets of different eras. Think about what your favorite period is, or which period you aced in school for the most part, and start there. For example, my favorite period was during the Medieval time period, so I'd probably do something on Chaucer or Spenser. Maybe the following website will help to spark some ideas for you.



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I think that focusing on a period, such as the Victorian era, or a group such as the Bloomsbury group or the Romantic Poets would be worthwhile topic choices.

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