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HELP! VENN DIAGRAM!!The students from Mrs. Simpson's grade 11 class were surveyed. 19...

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The students from Mrs. Simpson's grade 11 class were surveyed. 19 students take maths, 10 students take Math and Physics, 14 students take only chemistry, 12 students take Chemistry and Math, and 3 students take all three subjects. 2 students do not take any of these subjects and all Physics students take maths.

Now my question goes exactly( i got the diagram)
1. In the diagram do the students that take Math only, equal to 0? ( that is what i got )
2. There are no students that take Chemistry and Physics so those that equal to 0 too?
3. Considering the part in the question that says "All Physics students take Math?" If 0 students took Maths, does that mean that 0 students took Physics too?
4.Finally, what is the total number of students in the class? I got a total of 33/ am i correct?

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