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Who was Zheng He?a. was the founder of the Ming dynasty. b. was the author of The Dream...

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Who was Zheng He?

a. was the founder of the Ming dynasty.

b. was the author of The Dream of the Red Chamber.

c. was the founder of the Qing dynasty.

d. carried out expansive journeys of exploration.

e. was a peasant revolutionary leader popular during the late Ming period.

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The only possible answer to this question is D, that Zheng He carried out voyages of exploration.

As the link below shows, Zheng He was an explorer and an admiral.  He was actually a Muslim who came from the province of Yunan.  His family must have been at least well to do because both his grandfather and his father had made pilgrimages to Mecca.  As it happens, Zhen He was a eunuch.

Zheng He's seven voyages (which took place beginning in 1405 and ending in 1433) took him as far as the Persian Gulf and the East Coast of Africa.  These voyages were made possible by advances in Chinese technology in the areas of navigation and shipbuilding.

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Zheng He was of Ming Dynasty, and he was a general in Yongle Emperor's army before he became an emperor. He did not found the Ming Dynasty, or exist in Qing. He did not lead a revolution, he was a explorer. He did not pen The Dream of the Red Chamber

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The answer is D. Zheng He was an eunuch, who travelled along with the imperial fleets to Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, Africa, India and the Persian Gulf. Through such travels, he further established the practice or tradition of tribute trade in the foreign lands he went to. 

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