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HELP!! I need help re-writing this short story and changing the ending!! Choose one of...

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HELP!! I need help re-writing this short story and changing the ending!! 

Choose one of the short stories that you read in this lesson and rewrite it in your own words, changing the ending. this was what the teacher said...please help!:) 

I re-wrote the the story, 'tell tale heart' and got it and this is my last one.

I have tryed and tryed to do it but i cant get this one!!:( please help me I am so frusterated and dont want to fail this!! 

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This sounds like a fun assignment.  You didn't mention any other guidelines. Here are a few ideas to think about.  How would the story end if it were set in present time?  One of the problems for the protagonist is that she is really alone and her treatment is acceptable in the time period.  What if someone, a neighbor or a relative realizes that she hasn't been seen outside of the house?

Another idea, what if she escaped? How would she do that and would she leave her baby behind?

Think about what if it were you or someone you know.  How would you imagine the story ending?  Hope that this helps stir up some ideas.

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