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Help me with this question please, thanks.  Today, we use a process of heating liquids...

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Help me with this question please, thanks.


Today, we use a process of heating liquids to prevent spoiling by bacteria and other microorganisms, pioneered by one of the three scientists mentioned above. What is that process called and for what food is it used?

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Now the process of killing microbes by boiling is caleed as "Pasteurization". It is named after the scientist Louis Pasteur.

It sio used for almost all types of food but mainly for milk based food  Like pasturized milk 



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The process in which heat liquid to prevent contamination of bacteria and other microbes is called "pasturization". Pasteurization is named after Louis Pasteur which was an scientist that discovered that microbes helped the fermenting process which used to make beer. He also studied the symbiotic relationships between microbes and humans. Pasteurization is not solely meant to completely eliminate the microbes in liquids complete by using heat, but to reduce the amount of microbes in the liquid. This goes along with the concept behind pasteurized milk. Milk is pasteurized in order to make the milk last for longer periods of time. Microbes make things go bad very quickly. Especially if a liquid contains high concentrations of microbes. Pasteurization can significantly lower the amount of microbe to insure a longer self life for their products. 

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