Help me please...I need to write two half pages of a diary and news paper article.The news has to be like in American press and it's on Judy Blume and the diary can be about whatever but the news...

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News articles should be written in what's known as the inverted pyramid style. This means that there should be a lot at the beginning on the most important information and end with a small amount of what is not quite so important.

The beginning of the news article should have the 5 Ws and H. These are the WHO, WHAT, WHERE WHEN, WHY and HOW. The structure of most articles is short, simple sentences. Most paragraphs are one sentence as well. Newspapers aim to capture as wide a readership as possible so the language is straightforward. Don't use complicated words when simple ones would do the trick.

The information you are after is easily found on the internet; I found prizes and achievements on wikipedia. Also see if there are any interviews and use these as quotations to support your ideas. Such quotations should come after the first paragraph.

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